Friday, June 2, 2017

On Climate Change

    I am deeply saddened by my country's choice to leave the Paris Climate Change Agreement. I saw the announcement while sitting on my desk at work scrolling through news articles on my phone. As much as I would like to say I was shocked at the results, I wasn't. Most people here still don't think climate change is a problem. I think that mostly has to do because people have gotten too comfortable in their current living situations. No one want's to be told they new car is a major source of pollution and that they have to give it up or to skip a shower once in awhile to save water. Even though I live in Texas and we are constantly put on drought warning, I still see people choosing to water their grass yards at the hottest time of day. They could seriously just have a rock yard that's water friendly full of pretty succulents and cacti but, most people choose to have green grass. I am guilty of having a grass lawn however, I don't water it at all. Sometimes I do just the trees and that's it. It's like some people are in denial that some of our old ways just isn't cutting it anymore. I feel like that is what happened today.      

   The United States seems to be so invested into oil and coal that the idea of chaining it is frighting to some. The phrase" If I ain't broke don't fix it" comes to mind but it is broken and we do need to fix it. I think many others see this, I am sorry that other countries are going to have to work twice as hard to curve global warming since the world leader in production of green house gasses denies that it has a problem. I wish there was a simple solution. I really wish it was as simple as telling people to recycle more or to compost but they won't. I hear constant complaints about having to sort the replying and dividing everything up. Its heartbreaking. My experience from all of this and from the area I live in is that people simply don't want to change. I try my best to reduce my waist or live a low waste lifestyle. I am by no means perfect either. I still produce way more trash than I should, and don't always compost or properly dispose of things. My biggest stress is the fact that I have to own a car since public transportation is a myth here. I vow one day to be able to live with out it and to be able to bike where I need to be. But that day isn't here since the city doesn't approve much funding for transportation to alleviate traffic.
    My main point is this, if we don't stop and take a look at our lives and say "hey everything's not okay" then we aren't going to get very far. It's time to smarten up and wake up America, corporate greed is taking our clean air and water away. We can reduce the amount of things we can buy, we can shop local and grow our own food. We can try to plant and grow more trees in our areas and write to our congressmen explaining how we, as a nation want cleaner energy.