Tuesday, June 13, 2017


   Over the past couple of years I have been in the process of downsizing my possessions and I still feel as though I have tons and tons of crap piling up. My boyfriend isn't really into the idea of downsizing even though I have asked him several times to clean out a closet that is in his room. I have paired down my clothing items to about 40 items I believe and still have a few items I hardly even touch but keep them for when special occasions arise. And what has brought on all of this? Well, it's the realization that my true dream is to travel the world and that I feel as if I spent too much and got too cluttered with things to be able to do so. I have been neglecting the idea of travel because its "too expensive". So, instead I have bought some expensive things to compensate. I should have saved that money for a plane ticket. That's why I am trying to sell somethings on eBay and taking things to consignment stores to try to get back some money. So I can save it and use it towards travel. I would love to spend a month in France one day or to even go back to Japan. But first I have to tackle my bad spending habits and grow my savings beyond what I need for the trip. I have narrowed down my spending greatly and I am considering downsizing my camera collection since I mainly just use two cameras anyway.  That being my Leica and my Polaroid. Though, I do love to carry my olympus mju with me everywhere and I have about 2 rolls of film I need to get developed soon.
I am hoping to downsize everything to one bag or container and to be able to travel lightly and freely. I would love nothing more than that. I considered going to get my bachelors but it's just simply not my dream. I love my current job and my next goal is Paris. Maybe then I can consider school again.