Thursday, June 8, 2017

Currently Reading: Men without Women

I finally got a lovely email notification from my library telling me this new book was ready to be picked up. I was probably about the 15th person in line for this book and thankfully the inner city library branches have about 12 copies. So the wait time went super fast. Did you know the San Antonio area has about 27 branches of libraries and that does not include the surrounding cities like the one I currently work at. Basically I have free access to books and it is beyond thrilling for me to think about!
Anyways, I am just a few pages in and I am already liking this book. It's hard for me to not like a Murakami book though I am not too big of a fan of The Strange Library, that was published I think over a year ago. The book is good so far and he is my favorite author. I recommend anything he has written especially The Wind up Bird Chronicle. That was the first book I had ever read by him and is by far my favorite.