Thursday, May 25, 2017

I have been enjoying my time off of school lately. I enjoy getting up late in the evening and going to work. I get the chance to wait up for my boyfriend who works over night, so that we can watch Marvel's Defenders on Netflix. We should be finishing up Luck Cage tonight. I have found way too much pleasure in downloading music from iTunes. I have managed to finally clean off my iPod.Yes, I still own an iPod classic 160gb and I love it. But now I have put together a much better playlist than I have had. I used to just get music from other people mostly because I didn't know where to start my music collection. I now have a better idea of what I like and have filled it up with some indy artist and tons of old french classics.

I think often about going to school in the fall and part of me is hoping I get excepted to uni too late so I will have to wait until the spring. I would love a semester off and to be able to save enough to travel to Paris in the winter. I often daydream about it but find it might be more useful to just to continue to save up and finally be able to move out of my mom's place and into a new apartment where I can finish my studies.

Summer days are just way to hot here and I am longing for something cold. Even though, I enjoy my job I just get a little frustrated with the demands of patrons. Because I am the youngest one working there, they expect me to be able to do everything on the computer and they want me to do it for them. I have often had patrons ask me to fill out test and other things. I will show them how but I plainly refuse to sit there for about an hour or more trying to fill out a job application for them. I have also found that most people will do whatever they can to avoid a fine even if that means placing the book "back" and claiming it was there all along. The most frustrating thing to happen was yesterday when a volunteer of ours yelled at me that I was so supposed to be in the back office because "That was what I was hired for was to be in the back". I was taken aback and couldn't even think of what to say, since I am sure a volunteer wouldn't know what my actual job description is. I am sure she just doesn't like me because I have tattoos. Most of the other volunteers and patrons don't say anything about them. I am sure they just don't care.