Sunday, May 28, 2017

Currently Reading: Goodbye Tsugumi

I was looking into some contemporary Japanese authors to read besides my all time favorite Haruki Murakami. This author, Banana Yoshimoto came up and I thought that both her name and books seemed interesting. I ordered to get this book at another public library since I figured this kind of thing would never circulate at mine. Most of the people read the latest Clive Cussler or John Grisham novels at my library. Though for some strange reason my head librarian prefers to order a bunch of non-fiction, that well, never circulate. Anyways, though I am looking forward to this novel and I am on a very long wait list for the new Murakami novel as well. I like that this seems like a fairly short book. I have a hard time keeping focus on long novels for some reason. I find long novels to sometimes be boring and tedious to read at time not to say that all lengthily novels are bad or anything.