Sunday, April 30, 2017


I know I haven't posted in about two weeks now. I have been busy with both work and school. Finals are coming up soon, and my job at the library has gotten more demanding since the other Librarian is gone. So, now we are staffed at only three people instead of four, which means more hours. I cannot work more than 37 with out being considered full time, but it seems as though the city intends to work me until another person is hired. With that said, I was happy to have not only one but two days off this week thanks to the Battle of Flowers parade and Fiesta. If you don't live in Texas, Fiesta is basically a week long celebration of Texas' independence from Mexico. I didn't go to the parade or any other event downtown, instead I found some time to go thrifting and scored a navy blue silk dress for $2. I think that was a much better thing to do instead of dealing with day-drunk people in the downtown area. Today, I was happy I got all my school work done and had time to visit the nursery to get some more herbs to plant. I picked up some oregano, basil, and mint. I still have my rosemary plant, that didn't seem to be doing so well, so I repotted it in a bigger pot today. I guess you can tell by my photos and writing that I have a real love for plants now. I even finally got a small pomegranate tree I am hoping will grow and produce fruit next year. Even my cats have been enjoying some nature inside with the cat grass I get them at the store. I just planted around of seeds today and they keep hovering over it wondering when it will grow. May is almost here and I am praying that my lavender plant will bloom. Lavender is my absolute favorite flower. I just love the smell of it. Anyways, I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their Sunday afternoon.