Thursday, March 16, 2017

Spring Break

It's 12am and I am waiting up for Lee to get home. Even though it's Spring Break and it's practically already over, I have been busy working all week long. I guess we are lucky if we get a chance to see each other at this point thanks to our conflicting schedules. I am constantly reminded that it's the little things that count. Just yesterday, we managed to spend a whole 4 hours or so together. I finally got to to to my favorite bakery and Japanese market. I have been dying to get some more sencha for the past couple of days. Work is surprisingly demanding since all the old files where some how deleted off of the computer. The previous clerk left all her files but when it was all changed over to me, it was all gone. I have been frantically trying to track down every ILL (inter library loan) that has come in and out of the library since she has been there. So far, I have one majorly overdue book that I cannot figure out what to do with. I cannot seem to get ahold of the patron who has it out still. Other than that, I rather enjoy my new position, but balancing it with school is getting to be a little much. I am sure eventually, I will get the hang of it.
I have been suffering from some writers block due to having to focus all my energy on a take home test for anthropology. I have three essay style questions to do and one of me just has me puzzled. I cannot get my words together. I got most of my math homework done, or as much of it as I could do seeing how my professor was absent the whole week before spring break. She did manage to push back some of the due dates for it.
I have found myself missing photography more than ever since I crave some free time. I feel as though I never have time for the things I like to do anymore. I guess that is what life has come to. I managed to pick up a book at my library that was recommended by a patron but I haven't even gotten passed the first page. I found myself contemplating buying a digital camera one day thinking it would inspire me to go out and shoot more. Then I realized that I just don't always have the time. Getting film developed is difficult in my city and getting worse for me with the lack of time I have to drive across town to both drop it off and pick it up. I miss it dearly though. I still have polaroids but I crave the moodiness of black and white and the softness of color in 35mm film. I fear that if I start to develop on my own again, it will become more like a task and less like a pleasure. It's as if I have more of a "photographers block" rather than a writers since I have been more wordy lately. It's funny how if I cannot think of one thing to say, I can always post a picture but if I have nothing to show, I always have more to say.