Thursday, March 2, 2017


Today while working at the library, which I am not a official Library clerk at, I had the chance to talk to a global warming denier. 
I asked: "why do you think that global warming is a hoax?. 
They stoped and  said "it's cause the government is trying to get more money out of you."
 I thought for a bit and said "how so?". 
To which they replied " they fund stuff like this so that tax payers have to pay for research".
I asked if they had seen any of the public research online which is provided because any research that is government is for the public to see. We look at this stuff all the time for my anthropology class. 
They said "no". 
I began to try to see if I could catch them in any type of contradiction but they where  pretty set on the idea that " nothing humans can do can change the environment" . I guess they had never heard of the dust bowl. 
I found myself mostly shocked at when they explained to me that evolution was also a lie. I tried to stir interest in climate change from a scientific point of view stating that climate drives evolution. That failed miserably. 
I guess this person doesn't care about the peppered moths. 
Here was a man older than me, supposed to be wiser, and continued to think his actions didn't have any effect on the planet. 
This is what it is like living in my state. So many people come in complaining about laws and regulations but fail to see that these provide us with clean air and water which can help reduce CO2 admissions and other toxic substances that cause global warming. 
I once overhead someone complaining because the city was offering to reduce the cost of trash pick up if people composted and recycled more. Just by separating a few things they could save money. I guess people can't put a price on how lazy they are. People are so lazy now, they are willing to pay almost anything to not do something. 
The library I work at isn't exactly eco-friendly either. We keep the AC very low and tend to throw more away then what we are using. They are not exactly paperless or recycling very much. 
After today, I feel sad and disheartened. I took my 3 min shower, used my waste water to water my plants and now I am using candle light to type this up. My AC/Heater is off to reduce consumption and my windows are open to fresh air.  I proudly didn't throw anything away today and used my water bottle instead of plastic. Some how, I feel, what I do will never be enough.