Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Giving up Instagram

I recently decided to delete my Instagram account. That's right, it is completely gone now and there is no turning back. I made this decision one day when I realized that I spend way too much time just scrolling though all the photos. I would wake up in the morning and would just scroll through for about 10 to 20 mins! That's time I could use to make myself a better breakfast rather than running out of the house with toast in my mouth. It just all seemed stupid a ridiculous to me at that point. I know I wasn't all that active on it either. In fact, I rather hate the idea of tagging myself where I am or letting people know what I am doing 24/7. This was also one of the reasons I got rid of Facebook along time ago. The truth is most of us probably just spend way too much time on social media anyway. So, I cut it out of my life.  Within the first day, I did feel a bit of a withdraw in the morning without my daily scrolling but now I am getting over it. I find that I am way more focused on work and many other things without feeling the need to check my phone every few minutes just to see what is going on. I have become a little more aware of my surroundings as well since I am not walking and on my phone. Its almost freeing in a sense. Now, I just look around and see so many people around engrossed in their phones. Just last week in my Anthropology class,  I learned that the same motion we use to scroll on our phones with is actually a primitive instinct to groom. This is what makes all those touch screens just so calming. Cutting the habit is hard and I still find myself on my phone googling things just for the comfort of being on it. Mostly because I feel so strange looking up at everyone while everyone is looking down. However, I am looking to enjoying more time off of my phone and social media free. Maybe, I will be better about practicing French and Japanese and also be more attentive.