Friday, February 17, 2017

Feeling a Little Helpless

From just a few weeks in physical anthropology, I have learned so much more about the environment and how global warming is causing evolution.  Over the past few years after being inspired to reduce my global impact, I feel so small compared to the many others that still do nothing. Here in the United States our politicians are still fighting over the degree of climate change even though scientist and the rest of the world agree it is happening and at a much faster pace than anyone could have thought. I am starting to not be surprised now every time Trump signs something into office that will hurt our water supply. Just now, there is a news article here about how he is allowing coal miners to dump toxic left overs into our waters. Does anyone really not care about what we are potentially drinking in our water? It's like this country refuses to move forward with clean energy in favor of creating a reliance on non-renewable resources. I am not a fan of coal or natural gas. I get sick and tired of see natural gas in ads on tv for the longest time. But this is Texas, where our economy heavily relies on production and no one wants to change to another source. Here, everyone has a car. It is nearly impossible to get around the city without one.

It's frustrating to watch. I feel like everything I have tried to stop doing isn't helping much at all. It's like for every one person who goes green about ten do not.  I stopped eating most types of meats, stopped using the dryer (unless I had to), I started recycling, growing more plants, and I try to use all reusable bags and togo containers. It  just feels like it all falls short because of those so many out there doing absolutely nothing. I just cannot stress how many people here are in denial with global warming. I have cousins that will still try to say it is not anthropogenic.
My mother was one of those it seemed. I still live with her while I am attending college due to it being much cheaper, but getting her to recycle almost seems impossible. I often find myself going through the trash to rescue things that could have been reused or recycled. I have tried very hard to get her to carry reusable bags with her to avoid plastic ones. But it just seems to never stick. The one thing she does do very well is hang her cloths out to dry. Mostly because she thinks they smell better. But I will take it. Honestly doing something is better than nothing at this point.
I guess I have really started to pride myself on going a day or longer without having to throw anything away because I know there really is no "away". It goes to a rather large dump where nothing breaks down and can leak into our water supply and soil.
I know the ecosystem is very delicate and I am trying my hardest to uphold that. I know there is more as a single person I can do to reduce my impact. I know many of the things I do is not eco friendly but I am learning and trying. I may never be perfectly zero waste or off the grid because I am too used to modern things. I do believe there is away to coexist with those things without creating a harmful environment around you. Hopefully one day, my country will realize these things before it is too late.