Tuesday, February 28, 2017

A Few Favorites

I normally am not interested in "monthly favorite" posts but I do have a few things I recently purchased I would like to share. I have been enjoying all of these since the moment I purchased them and I think that is worth sharing. I do try to carefully select the things I purchase and bring into my home so I do not make a lot of purchases often, making it easier for me to buy a few more expensive things I have on this list.

1. This lavender vanilla scented soy candle.  It just smells amazing. I bought it at Target and have been burning it almost everyday since I have gotten it home. Lavender vanilla is my favorite scent.

2. This longchamp bag. I have been debating if I should or not buy this bag for over a year now. I watched many videos on the different sizes and so forth. I already had a large work tote and wanted something smaller. I got it in the small size and in black of course. I had it for only one day and I am in love. It's lightweight and carries everything I need. The ability to pack it up is also a huge bonus for me. 

3. 100% pures' lip to cheek tint in cranberry. I have mentioned this product before I think but I do love it. I just got the chance to repurchase it about a month ago. I don't wear a lot of makeup so I figure it's worth the $25 splurge on this one. I can go days with nothing but this on. 

And that's basically it! I am just about to finish a roll of film soon, so I can get that processed sometime. On another note I am now a library employee and I cannot wait to get started!