Friday, January 27, 2017

Spider Plant

I have been getting more and more interested in plants recently, especially, air purifying plants.  This is mostly because I decided to try to be more like an adult and buy a new mattress and bed frame. While, I love the frame I got and the mattress is super comfortable, it gives off a horrible smell that has been bothering me. So, I bought this plant to help clear the air. It currently looks a little sad because I caught my cat, Gizmo, eating on it. Thank goodness spider plants are not toxic to cats! The mattress smell is still getting to me so now I have it airing out in a spare bedroom in my mom's house until I can mange it. My boyfriend is thankfully being really understanding about my sensitivities to smell and is sleeping on the adjecent couch in the living room. Hopefully, in the next few days the mattress will not smell and I can post a photo of my new bedroom. I would like to n the future to stain my desk a darker color and what not but for now I can only deal with one smell at a time. I have been washing and hanging my clothes out to dry because I feel like I can smell the mattress in them. But some good old fresh is is doing the job and now my room no longer smells or my clothes. 
I can be a little neurotic when it comes to the way things smell. I hate synthetic or cheap perfumes and candles. They tend to give me headaches along with certain house hold cleaners. This is why over the years, I have found just cleaning with baking soda and vinegar does the job along with a little Castile soap. I am looking into a few more cat safe plants in my room for the meantime to help out with air quality. Up until the recent past few years I really started to care more about the environment and taking care of our air. I feel like adding a few plants into the home can really make a difference.