Friday, January 13, 2017

My Closet

I know I don't have a pretty display of my closet. I find it to be rather messy and crowded. At one point, I owned so much I had to add the extra rail in there. Now, that rail is for my boyfriend's dress clothes. Yesterday, I managed to cull my closet and only keep things that I both liked to wear and didn't have terrible yellow staining. (I am looking at you white button downs and tees ) I am thinking about giving up on the classic white tee and button down since I am just too prone to staining them and spending time trying to wash it out. Once they all wear out, I will hist replace them with grey ones. At least laundry will be easier to do since I won't have to do color sorting. Over the last year I had  to try to redefine my style. I find I mostly just want to be comfortable but not to the point where I am wearing workout gear in public. I could never bring myself to that. In fact, I really don't own any work out clothes per say. I have been refilling my closet slowly with tees and tanks from Everlane which is now my favorite. I discovered while culling yesterday, that I do need to get a few basic tops. For example a long sleeve tee or two. I have been spending less on clothing since I have started to plan out what I need. However, at the end of last year I found myself thrift shopping too much and adding many things that I just got rid of. The only things I kept was some of my silk blouses. Now I am down to about 30 tops hanging, 2 skirts, 4 pairs of jeans, 1 pair of shorts, 1 dress pant, 2 dresses and 12 pairs of shoes.  I know the picture doesn't look like that much. Some of the stuff I have folded into a rather large dresser I probably no longer need. But this still seems like a lot to me. I really don't think I wear that many different tops. I want to rethink some of the things I have hanging again and some of my shoes. Maybe then, I will buy some fancy new hangings and donate my old plastic ones and I can have one of those fantastic picture perfect closets.