Sunday, November 6, 2016

Recently Found: On Ebay

I made two purchases on eBay this past week. One is for an Olympus Muju with a zoom of 70. I did get around to testing a roll of film out on it and  I will be getting those developed and posted up  tomorrow. So far, I really love this little camera. It's easier to carry around with me rather than my SLRs. I am just hoping it works well. I got super paranoid about if it caught the film or not. I'm not used to how automatic it is.

My second purchase was a pair of shoes. Specifically, vintage Farragamo loafers.  I was super excited to get these in the mail. They fit wonderfully and I found them to be in great condition. The heels on them must have just been redone. However, the downside to buying these on eBay was that I paid way to much for shipping. The seller charged me about $16 for them but only shipped them for $6.50. Needless to say the seller was awful but I do love these shoes. 

Hope everyone had a great weekend !