Saturday, November 12, 2016

Reading: Bonjour Tristesse

I just finished this little book yesterday since I had the day off. The library was closed and I didn't have classes due to it being Veterans Day.  I enjoyed it front to back and couldn't really put it down. I found myself relating quite a bit to the main character as my parents are divorced, not widowed and my father has remarried, divorced again and now is in another relationship. Since, I am not a teenager anymore nor do I live with him, I would not find myself plotting against his current relationship. But what I can understand is the characters anguish that I had at once felt not to long ago. I guess that is a very teen thing to do! Anyways I very much have gotten more and more into French literature the more I read. I am thinking of next trying to get Madam Bovary by Flaubert.
Until then,