Saturday, October 15, 2016

Currently Reading: French Poetry

I have managed to get sick so I have been sitting around the house rather bored. Despite that I still managed to go to work yesterday (which I probably shouldn't have) but I did find this rather thick book on french poetry. Since I am still attempting to learn the language I feel like this is a good way to learn some more vocabulary. I did do the same with Japanese. I would often practice by reading proverbs or haikus.

Though have I found myself rather fond of the poem "Automne" by W.S Merwin

It reads:
Dans le brouillard s'en vont un paysan cagneux
Et son beouf lentement dans le brouillard d'automne
Qui cache les hameaux pauvres et vergogneux

Et s'en allant la-bas le paysan chantonne
Une chanson d'amour et d'infidélité
Qui parle d'une bague et d'un coeur que l'on brise

Oh! l'automne l'automne a fait mourir l'été
Dans le brouillard s'en vont deux silhouettes grises

I guess here I am still dreaming of cooler weather and red-orange leaves. We might be in the 80's here in Texas but it still feels like summer. If only I could wear a sweater! Anyways I hope everyone is enjoying there week. I have a test to get studying for that is on Monday.