Sunday, October 2, 2016

Currently Reading: Beauty Books and The Guest Cat

First, lets start off with the beauty books. I have been wanting to check these few out for awhile now and finally did when I made a trip to another public library by my college. Talking about these is a little difficult for me since I am not any type of beauty guru or anything like that. I am going to be honest here, I have not stepped into a salon, have gotten any facials or have done anything like that ever. I have gotten my nails done a few times and my hair cut but now I figure I can paint my own nails and cut my own hair. Which I often do. I have never been to beauty school either so I am not a expert in that. However, I feel a little more informed after reading The French Beauty Solution. I actually really like the author's take on "French beauty". I loved how it compared the way American act towards their beauty vs French women. My biggest takeaway from this book? Don't over it. Wash what needs to be washed and moisturize. Also, to never forget perfume.

I do feel like women here in America really do over do it with all that makeup. I will never understand putting foundation all over your skin or contouring. I guess if it's your thing go for it and keep it up. For me, not so much. I felt like I could relate to this book a lot.
The book Eat Pretty was just a mess to me. I saw it get a lot of negative reviews and I can see why. It basically just puts you on way to strict of a diet with no room. I only read a little of it and really wouldn't recommend it. It does give some interesting facts though, but just not enough to save it.
How To Be Parisian Wherever You Are, is more of a style book rather than beauty. I was intrigued with it since I saw it at Barnes and Nobles back when I was working there. I kinda just like the little bit of attitude the book gave off which I guess is what being Parisian is all about.

I have just gotten to the first page of this book. I haven't had too much time to sit down and read this one through. I got a little too distracted with the others to focus on this one. It's a rather thin book though and I am planning on finishing it within a day. I couldn't imagine it taking more than a few hours to read. I have been looking forward to reading this book ever since seeing it on some other book blog I have since forgotten the name of.  Maybe later today, after sitting down and getting my homework done I will get started on it. 
Hope everyone  had a good  week-end ,