Saturday, September 24, 2016

Out and About

My boyfriend and I managed to get out today and tried a few new places around town. First though I desperately needed to vacuum out my car. It was so awfully dirty. In that process though my boyfriend managed to sit on and break my sunglasses. I made a quick stop to a local store called Montage to get a new pair. They are very much Rayban style with out the high cost. The frames seem to be made out of a nice plastic so hopefully they will last long.

We went to Bahama Bucks. Which, I know is a chain shaved ice place, but there is only two in town so we thought we would give it a try.

We just shared a small "sour patch" flavored ice. I know there are many other local and other shaved ice places here in town but there is something about just how they make their ice here. It was just so fluffy. We then managed to work up a bit of a appetite and drove around a while to find something to eat. We stopped at a bakery but didn't find it too appealing. We drove further downtown to a place called Frank where we had the best gourmet hotdogs. And yes, they had vegan options which was awesome. 

I got a vegan dog with kraut and mustard. It was pretty good, though not the best kraut I have had. Since Texas has a lot of small surrounding german-like towns, there are much better options out there. It seems like we most just ate all day but we didn't we swear! I managed to go to the Blue Star art gallery areas for the Four X Five photo gallery. It didn't turn out to be much of a gallery at all but rather a bunch of different photo shops with booths and some few photographers. I did find it rather fun though and I was shocked to see some film photographers there! Mostly, people here just tend to shoot digital and thats it but one photographer even had Polaroids for sale. While I didn't purchase anything ( I have way too many prints of my own work I need to deal with) I picked up a few pamphlets and broachers along with business cards. 

Overall it was a pretty good day for the weekend. Later tonight we may go and meet up with some friends.  I do have to get back to doing a bunch of homework now as it is all due Sunday night. 
I hope everyone is having a great weekend.