Monday, September 19, 2016

DIY Solid Perfume

I have always been invested in making my own beauty products and perfume is defiantly one of the things I choose to make on my own. I am not a big fan of a lot of scents that are out there. I find most perfumes to be either too floral smelling, too musky or they just seem to smell like straight up alcohol.  I think the scent you choose is a rather personal thing. The way you smell can really say a lot about you. So, here is how I make my own. It just takes a few ingredients and a small container to put it in.

Castor oil or almond oil
Essential oils of your choice. I used vanilla, sandalwood and lavender
container. ( I am using an old lip to cheek tint container that I bought in Japan.)

I forgot to measure everything. I tend to eyeball it as I go. Ha! I really am bad at this beauty guru stuff. Nonetheless, It is fun to make.
In a double boiler melt a few slivers of beeswax ( I used a yellow beeswax but there is white out there as well if you do not like the yellow tint) and add your almond or castor oil. I find an even ratio works best. If you want it less wax-like use more oil.
Then, transfer the liquid into your container of choice. Be careful as it will be hot. Then add some drops of the essential oils. I used about 6 drops sandalwood, 7-8 drops vanilla and about 5 drops of lavender. You may also want to try mixing your essential oils of choice in a small container ahead of time to make sure you like the scent you are making.
 Lastly, let the mixture cool and solidify all the way and top the lid. And you are done!
I apply mine just behind the ears and on my wrist throughout the day. I am not too sure what the "staying power " of this is but it seems to last a while.  I hope you like this easy and simple DIY.  Please note if you are vegan and do not want to use beeswax there are some other plant based waxes, like candelilla,  out there as well that will work for this and other DIY beauty recipes.