Friday, August 12, 2016

A Few Of My Favorite Things : Beauty

 I know I am not some beauty guru or anything like that but when it comes to skin care and the products I choose, I take it pretty seriously. Like most things in my life, I find myself trying the latest thing or new products out there only to throw it away a waste it. I am sure I have tried it all. Face mask, hair masks, the newest mascara or eye shadow/eyeliner trend. It can all be so overwhelming! After tons of research and finally trying a more minimalistic approach to it these are the very few items I keep repurchasing. I am still in the market for a favorite lip balm/lip tint. I think I have thrown away about 2 of them not that I thought I "loved" and found them to not be either moisturizing or long-lasting. Anyways here is the list of products I currently use and love.

1. Aztec-secret bentonite clay- I use this for a lot of things. I buy a tub of it that last me about a year and a half or so. I make a face mask with apple cider vinegar or use the past on bug bites. It works well for both. The masks I may only do once every 2 months or so. I know most people say to do a facial every week but I think that is just too much.

2. Thayers WichHazel- This stuff is pure magic on me. It makes my skin great and keeps all my stress acne away. I do put this in a little glass bottle so that I can just spray it on my face at night. Makes it easier and I do not have to buy cotton rounds.

3. Andalou Daily Shade 1000 Roses-  It makes my skin soft and has a natural spf 18. That's all I need.

4. Tea Tree Oil- Helps with acne and many other things. I have been using this on pimples, bug bits and other things for about 3 years now. Works every time on me.

5. Tarte Gifted Mascara- OK I am super late to get on the Tarte train but I love this mascara. It is pricy, so I just wait for coupons and points to buy it but I love it. It has a strange smell to me but works well on my lashes.

6. Tarte Travel Eyeshadow Tease- It's cheaper than the big one and has more than I need. I really don't wear that much makeup on a daily basis (too much work to put all that on) but, it can give me a little something extra for a the rare times I do go out. Plus, it smells like chocolate.

A few things I also used that really are not pretty in the picture:
Coconut oil- Works for everything.
Olive oil- great lash and eyebrow conditioner.
Apple cider vinegar - My hair rinse.
cornstarch/ arrowroot powder -  I add essential oils to this and powder it on to help absorb sweat in this god awful heat.
Anything else I manage to diy like bath salts ect. I never buy those type of things but if anyone can recommend a good tinted lip balm that's organic and doesn't animal test that would be awesome!

p.s  none of this is sponsored any brands mentioned  I bought with my own money and these are all my own  opinions .