Monday, July 11, 2016

Thoughts and Things

It has been unbearably hot these past few days and my boyfriend is currently obsessed with catching pokemon. I have had to deal with a few unexpected bills recently that has left me with $10 in my checking account until this Thursday. I have just a few weeks left of summer until the Fall semester will start again. I will be just taking two classes this semester. Hopefully, I can graduate this spring with my last science and math class. I will just have a associates degree which isn't much but, it is better than no degree. I am really not up to taking on $30,000 more or so in debt for the last two years.  Being in that much debt scares the crap out of me to be honest. I never wanted to owe $5,000 back in loans but, it was worth the trip to Japan.

I did manage to finish reading the Handmaid's Tale. It was a wonderful book and I enjoyed every minute of it. Now, I need to go and try to find another book to read. The library that I work at doesn't carry too much, so I may need to drive into town to take a look. I haven't used my other library card in a very long time. I'll have to renew it.
On another note I have managed to go vegetarian for the past couple of weeks. I have been on and off with it for awhile now. I never mention that I don't really like to eat meat because of the backlash I get from people who do.  Everyone in my family eats meat and saying I don't is kinda strange to them. I really don't want to listen to it so, I will eat fish from time to time but during the week my meals are meat free. My boyfriend didn't like the idea at first but he is now eating vegetarian meals with me and eating meat on his own. I am not vegan due to finding vegan substitutes is hard here in Texas. People here are very stubborn and set in there ways. My local store just started getting in vegan ice cream, but it is just one flavor. For yogurt my only option is soy in 2 flavors. No vegan cheese yet so I am still eating regular cheese. I guess I am just flex between vegan and vegetarian meals. While, I don't have a perfect vegan/vegetarian diet, I think the fact that I am trying to is a start to a better lifestyle.
I have also been trying harder to get back to a zero waste and minimalist lifestyle. I have found that I have been spending too much money this month and am going to take on a no spending challenge for the remainder. I can only buy what I need and nothing extra. I am also going to be stricter with myself on the one in one out rule. If I buy anything one other item has to go.
With zero waste I am focusing on bringing less trash in the house and trying to recycle as much as I can. It is hard living out here since recycling facilities are not always available. I am trying my best though. I have refused plastic water bottles and bags. I have also been taking snacks in reusables as well to prevent me from not only spending more money on food but also to reduce the packaging that comes with it.
It all just takes on tiny step at a time.