Friday, June 17, 2016

Recently Found : Japan Edition

1. Souvenir Jacket. I found this at a second hand store while in Harajuku. Probably hands down my favorite purchase. I just wish summer would end so that I would be able to wear it. 

2.  I found the jelly shoes at It's Demo. I had also bought a pair of pants there along with two hair clips that are not pictured. The all black shoes and the tiny constellation purse are from some store in Sunshine City. It was love at first sight with those two items. 

3. Two second hand hoari or kimono jackets. They are usually worn over the kimono or yukata. I didn't bother trying to buy a whole kimono or yukata because even second hand I found them to be rather expensive by the time you get the kimono, hoari, obi belt and ties.   I bought these two in Kyoto for about 500 yen each. I am sad to say again its too hot to wear these right now. Please weather get colder! 

4. Backpack. Girls in Japan carry this style everywhere! They where so cute I couldn't pass it up plus, my old one was starting to tear apart. Also pictured is all the keychains I collect through out the trip. 

5. Sailor Moon Manga. I'm pretty sure I went into about 15 different book stores before I found these in Akihabara. I managed to only snag a few of them, but they are just so pretty. I did manage being able to read through them fully in Japanese. 

6. Two necklaces. The gold bar one was bought of the street in some fair I wondered upon. The second heart shaped one is from the Sailor Moon Exhibit in Roppongi. I love both of these pieces so much!