Thursday, May 19, 2016


Last week I was super busy with finishing up finals and then this week I have been running around all over the place getting ready for my trip to Japan. I had class all week long for the short study abroad trip. Luckily, I have been placed in a elementary level Japanese class so it's just one big review from the past year of studying. Therefore it is not too challenging of a class and I will have plenty of time to explore Japan. I have decided to take my 35 mm Lecia R3 with me so expect me to over load the blog with tons of photos once I get back. I will be gone for about two weeks. I could not be anymore excited! I *may* do a few vlogs or so while I am there to keep updated. There is a chance I will not be taking my laptop but just the iPad my boyfriend and I share. I really want to travel as light as possible since I will be going between home stay, hotels and a hostel on this trip. I may have some content posted in-between me being there and when I get back but there is no guarantee of that.
See you  all soon!