Monday, April 25, 2016

A Pet Peeve Of Mine..

The other day I went into a convenient store to refill my water bottle to find out they no longer have the water button on the fountain soda display. I ended up just filling up with ice and waiting for it to melt because its really hot here anyways. But when did places start doing this? I have noticed more and more places have either gotten rid of their water fountains or have gotten rid of the water option on the fountain drink displays. It is a bit frustrating because I really hate paying for water in a plastic bottle. Bottled water is just one of those things I do not understand. Like why I am paying for rebottled tap water when I can just get it for free? Many times now I have been stuck refilling my reusable water bottle from the sinks in stores because they no longer have options to refill them with.
Ever since I watched the documentary "Tapped", I have been really trying my best not only to save myself a few dollars here and there but also to reduce my water bottle plastic consumption. But I am feeling like I am now forced to buy bottled water since my options for refilling are now limited. I thought the world was trying to be more "eco-friendly" since some cities have actually banned plastic water bottles from being sold. I also thought I was trying to do something that was better for the environment. I thought progress was being made when I saw some reusable bottle filling stations in a few select locations. There is actually have one in the gym at school and I saw another at a museum. But that is only two I have seen in the city so far. I have just found this to be really stressful when I just want some water. I feel like just a while back I was able to go into a store or wherever and just ask for them to refill my water bottle. Now, I get told that they cannot do that for me or I have to use one of their styrofoam or plastic cups which defeats the purpose of me carrying around the reusable bottle.
This probably seems like a strange rant but that documentary really resonated with me and for those reasons I refuse single use plastic water bottles or cups.  Hopefully, things will change in the better for my city and we will no longer need to buy those things.