Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Why I Suck At Social Media

I really suck at updating on social media if you haven't noticed already. I forget that instagram exist for me to update it and to be honest I never really feel like I have anything special to say or to post anyways. A while back, I tried twitter but that fell apart because I really don't get how to tweet? Like who really cares about some banter about my day on a hourly bases? I ended up deleting it but really I am lucky enough to remember to write a post every once in awhile to remind my followers "hey I am still alive and well here".  I have come to hate social media because I just felt it was almost too personal. Everyone starts to know everything about you. I also get this awful feeling all the time that someone is always trying to sell me something. To me its just all crazy. Everyone on social media looks like a rock star with apps. I am either being sold an appearance of someone or someone is literally trying to sell me something. I mean have you seen all those independent shops on instagram or all the bog box stores trying to get you to buy their latest trends! Geez, I can only take so much adverting. I get it your at some cute cafe photographing your coffee. Your life is so great and now I need to buy this necklace because it was homemade.
   I know I haven't even been on youtube either in like a year or so. I feel like I have ran out of things to say and plus my lighting is terrible! I mean I don't really have all the fancy lights and equipment that comes with creating vlogs and such. It was fun for awhile though. I have no idea when I will ever feel like I have the confidence to get in front of the camera again. I like to keep the account open still because I do think there is people out there wanting to still view my videos. I know I get a lot of questions on social media platforms like instagram. It took me like a month to actually find the messages. I didn't know you could message through it for the longest time. I think some people have even tried to message me through youtube?? Maybe? I am not sure because I really don't know how to check that. I do know how to check the comment section on my blog though, which is empty like the Sahara desert. Not to say that means people are not reading or wanting to comment. I do end up taking about a month (or sometimes less) to reply. Which isn't very good of me either. I just get busy and caught up with life and school. Some of it is really boring stuff, which I am sure you don't care about, and other stories get shared. I am going to start to carry a journal with me more often now. I thought using a planner would be better butI can't seem to get my thoughts all down for writing material later. I am going to have to get back on the moleskin bandwagon for that.