Friday, December 18, 2015

Lost and Found

I woke up feeling slow and heavy not wanting to get out of bed. I decided to motivate myself to get up by saying "let's go to the thrift store today". I ate, finished cleaning up and packed up a few items to giveaway so that I could make room for a few more things. I have been having this weird impulsive feeling to go thrifting lately. I walk through and search each department, clothing rack and shoe shelf for that next "perfect item". I usually just end up finding one thing I sorta like; look at the long check out line and then decide I don't need it. I have been playing this game for sometime now. I hunt in each aisle hoping for that one item never to find it. I did find that marvelous Levis jacket the other day though and today I did find a much needed pair of black sandals. However, every time I leave the store with something, I still feel so empty. Like I missing something. I guess its not really a item I feel empty about maybe it's just my boredom and lack of inspiration lately. I figure somehow I might feel a slight spark of something if I can just find the right thing though, it may not be in the  aisles of a large thrift store with a dozen other people furiously throwing clothes into their basket. Well, a cute pair of sandals that are half off where worth the buy I guess. I am just glad I have about 4 packs of instant film coming my way.