Monday, December 14, 2015

Currently Reading: Wind/Pinball

I have had this book now for awhile and I had just started it as the semester began. Now that that's all over, I can finally finish this book. I am about maybe one third of the way through it and I am enjoying it very much. What is so cool about it is that this book seems to connect with Murakami's over book "A wild Sheep Chase". I am really looking forward to how it all comes together in the end.
In other news, I just got back from selling off most of my books. I got rid of about an fourth of them. I only ended up with about $18 dollars back but I have to say my room feels much cleaner with out all that extra clutter of books I have read and will not be rereading. I think from now on, I will try more often to rent books from the library instead. It is much more cost affective and I don't end up with piles stacking up past my bookshelf.