Sunday, November 15, 2015

Recap of This Week

This week started out in the same manner. Monday was rather dull and I did not want to get up for school as usual. Tuesday, brought on more stress in Japanese class. There is just so much homework to do plus a quiz this coming week and a test the following. While Wednesday was Veterans Day, I still had to go to class. It might be a federal holiday but not for colleges. Thursday started out with me in yoga have to show a routine I had created with two other people. It was awkward and I hate being in front of people. The rest of the day was spent at my grandmother's house watching T.V and then going to the local thrift store. I forgot my wallet and managed to find tons of great things I wanted but couldn't buy. My grandma ended up buying me a new button down and a book for herself. Friday was rather dull. My boyfriend and I went out to eat somewhere I think. I forget which days we go on dates now since the days are busy and all blur together. Saturday was fun hanging out with friends. Did I mention I am now addicted to Korean Dramas? I am in the process of watching Master's Sun. Today, was well like any other day. It is gloomy and cloudy but not as cold as I wish it was. The nights are finally down to 60 degrees fahrenheit.  I can manage to wear jeans and a jacket without sweating, which is rather nice. Lee and I did manage to go to the thrift store today even though his stomach was bothering him. I found a sweater and cardigan in the men's department. This time I remembered my wallet!
I think the one thing I forgot to mention is recently I have been having stomach problems when eating dairy like milk, cheese and eggs. I was so happy to find a store that carries soy milk ice cream that doesn't taste terrible! Unfortunately, I have to drive across town to get it.
Also, to all my friends in Pairs, France, I hope you are safe and my heart goes out to you.