Monday, November 23, 2015


Over the weekend my boyfriend, two of our friends (whom are married) and me all took a lovely trip to  Ikea in Austin, TX. I was so overfilled with joy to see all the neatly put together displays of homes in the Swedish designs. Everything is so clean, simple and unified. And let's not forget the meatballs I mean could they taste any better? I should have grabbed the new vegan ones but instead opted for the regular.I later found out the cream sauce had milk in it. Ugh.. damn being lactose intolerance.  I felt like my stomach was going to destroy itself from the inside out.  However, that still didn't ruin me having a good time dreaming about a tiny apartment fill with all the wonderful stark white Ikea furniture. Which would never be able to happen since both my boyfriend and I are two extremely messy people. But a girl can dream about a white minimalistic wonderland of an apartment right? Once we finally got to the end of the maze, my two friends ended up with a desk and tv stand while my boyfriend opted for a new larger desk for his computer set up. When I got to the end of Ikea with a giant stomach hurting with the wonderful goodness of meatballs, my boyfriend saw me eyeing the pretty LED lights with different covers on them and offered to buy me two strands. It's silly how sometimes these small insignificant objects can brighten up your whole day. Aren't they pretty?