Thursday, August 6, 2015

More Stress & Anxiety

A bright red new pimple just popped up on my cheek yesterday and it constantly makes me wonder "What am I doing wrong?".  I am struggled with acne since my not-so-great teen days. It is not like it was severe acne. Just a few pimples here and there and the lovely little blackheads that take up space on my nose. I used to wash my face then with harsh chemicals but gave it up my senior year of high school for a au natural remedy. Since, then I have literally been obsessed with skin care.  I think I have almost tried every tick in the book.
I remember going off to college in San Marcos, Tx. My skin was not bad at all. I can't even remember really breaking out then? I think for about a good 2 years I have had nearly perfectly clear skin. It wasn't until recently, last semester and this summer, that my skin has decided to hate me a break out. I  changed my skin routine again to help the little spots on my face. This time a concoction of coconut oil, lavender and tea tree oil to wash my face and use as a simple spot treatment. So, far so good. I rinsed my face with cinnamon last night as well for a little extra kick and I have to say, it left my skin feeling really soft that night.
Besides this, I have really changed my diet over the years. I do try to eat much better than I have before. I have also been adding about 2 cups of tea a day as well to drinking a lot more water. I have even tried the lemon water thing as well. So, what could I be doing wrong? I don't think my acne is hormonal since I have been taking birth control for over a year now. I think it really is just one thing my anxiety and tend to stress out all the time.  I am terrible about stressing over the smallest thing. It can be anything from my laundry not coming out the "right clean" to is my financial aid going to go through smoothly for school.
So what is there really to do? I have to live with the stress and my anxiety all my life and I really can't change much about it. The most I could do is take medication but I am not going to go that route. I have tried to do yoga daily but I get lazy and forget. It has helped some but not to the point where I can be nonchalant about things. I am pretty much going to have to live with this. The more acne I get too, the more I stare at myself in the mirror and freak out about when more will show up or how big one will get. I will pick, poke and prod my face until it is a nice red blister which makes me feel even worse about myself. And while most people probably think acne is not really a big deal or it is vain for me to stress or worry about it. It is really just what I do. Stress and worry. All the time.