Saturday, August 8, 2015

Currently Reading: A Wild Sheep Chase

I just finished reading The Tropic Of Cancer by Henry Miller just a few moments ago. I can seriously see why it was a banned book for so long. If I played a drinking game every time the I read the word cunt I would be passed out by the first few pages.  I pretty much muddled through that one. I found it hard to stay focused on Henry Miller's little rants here and there. Overall, I found it an interesting take on 1930's Pairs as an American living there.  Now on to the next book. I know this is a rather old Murakami book but I found it in my pile of books I have bought but not yet read and picked it up. I am looking forward to reading his new book that just came out this week. As tempted as I am to buy it, I would really like to ready at least two more from the "books I have bought but not yet read pile" before doing so. Anyways, I am always looking forward to Murakami books since he is one of my favorite authors. I seriously cannot get enough of how strange and surreal they are!