Friday, August 28, 2015

Back in Session

College just started again for me and many others. I keep wishing for cooler weather  but I am still sweltering in 100 degree heat. Every time I get in my car its like a giant oven roasting me while driving home. I can only dream of a cooler breeze and being able to wear pants again with out having to rip them off immediately when I get home.
This semester is going to prove a bit of a challenge though. I have a U.S history II professor who thinks he is a government prof. I cannot stand one second of his lectures. He gives about maybe two or three lines of notes for what is actually history and the rest is banter on the US government system. Then there is my math class. I actually need umm.. 3 lower level math classes before I can even take a class for actual credit.  I only need 3 hours of college credit math but because I am so bad in the subject, I have to muddle through a few other refresher courses. The good news is that if I finish the whole online system they have for math, I can skip those other 2 courses or at least one other one. Fingers crossed I can get through it.
However,  I have the same Japanese professor as the last two semesters.  I have to say I am always so exited for that class and always feel good about it. I already have a quiz on Tuesday. It shouldn't be too bad just the same style as the last two semesters. I am also taking yoga as an elective as well for my fourth class this semester. It is really relaxing and fun. The coach I have also coaches the bootcamp class on campus. It is like a extreme workout class my college offers. I do not think I would never ever sign up for it. Sounds too intense. I remember my boyfriend, Lee, took it while he was in school and would come home extremely sore and tired. How is your first week so far?