Sunday, May 31, 2015

Recently & Currently Reading

Yesterday, I made what was supposed to be a quick stop at my lo
cal Japanese market for a new dictionary. I did get the dictionary but I ended up walking out with the pink Rilakkuma umbrella (not pictured)  and some matcha kit-kats. Which, are my favorite flavor of kit-kat. It has also been raining way to much here. Which, I guess justifies my purchase of a new umbrella. 
I also finally found Zelda Fitzgerald's book "Save Me the Waltz" while I was waiting around Half Price books to sell some records that where collecting dust in my room. Luck for me I actually got about $36 from selling all of them. Pretty cool huh? Usually when I sell back things I only get about $10. It just covers the price of getting a new book after I sold about 12. I am actually finding this book to be a challenge to read since it uses a lot of out dated diction. It was written in the 30's (I think) after all and we don't use most of the words in this book too often anymore. I have to look up the meaning from time to time to better understand what the author is trying to say.
I did start reading this though while waiting at the barber shop for my boyfriend to get his hair cut. The place was very loud and was playing The Clash almost a little too loud for such a tiny space it was in.
In case you where wondering I did finish the other book by Ruth Ozeki. I loved it and really wished it never ended and I hope some how she managed to find Nao. I have now finished two books which was my goal for these three weeks before school starts.  I am happy that I now have time to read a third.