Thursday, May 14, 2015

Finally Over..

     I am glad finals and this semester are now done and over. It started out as a terrible semester. I ended up with 2 A's and one C. ( I think) I guess that is not too terribly bad but I could have done better with that C.  I  honestly did not study hard enough for that class. I was burned out of this semester from the very beginning and it did not get any easier either. This last week I suffered from my allergies from all the rain here and my car had broken down over 3 weeks ago and I just got it back today. A wire went bad in it causing it to not start and sometimes causing it to die on me while I am driving.  Again, for the fall semester I have to send in more paper work for my financial aid. I did this the last time and for whatever reason the government is making me send in all these "verification" forms in again. I am told that this process is "random" and can select anyone for verification. I call bullshit on that since this is my second time in a row doing this and I was informed some students are required to do this up to about 4 years in a row or more. I am stressing over this process because I cannot log in to the system to get my forms from the IRS. There is no tech support to assist me with logging in or reregistering myself either. When I asked them why, the person on the other end of the line for the IRS hung up on me. Not very helpful. I do not get it, they can take pretty much everything away from you but they cannot assist you with logging into your account online to make sure all your info is correct? What is even worse is I was on the phone with my father and he was saying how hackers would register as you through the site and would set a different email address so that you can never get into the account. That way they always have access to all of you info. Scary shit right? So, now I am both stressed and worried. Though, I cannot figure out who would want to be me since I have to pay back my taxes on the small amount of money I make. I swear I created a account last year and for whatever reason I cannot get the info sent to my email. I tried both of the ones I have. Gosh, I really wish there was some assistance for it. I now have to wait to get in everything by mail. It can take up to two weeks for that. 
       I now have the summer semester coming up in two weeks. I have just two weeks to work, chill out and regroup before my two summer classes start. I really just want to hurry up and finish school at this point. I feel like I don't have enough time to learn and study all the subjects I would like to though. I am planning on trying to learn at least two other languages. I would however, like to be fluent in a least 4. Maybe one day. At this point I want that piece of paper that says "You finished and paid a lot of money for this!".
       I did take this photo with my iPhone in my favorite bathroom at school. Yes, I have a favorite bathroom. The lighting is so soft and wonderful along with the strange outdated mint colored brick. There is just something strange that I like about it.