Friday, May 22, 2015

Currently Reading

I finished Siddhartha the other day. I found my book shoved behind the bed. I guess that is what happens when you fall asleep reading at night.  I have now moved on to book number two of my goal for these next three weeks.  I honestly cannot tell you how in love with this book I am at the moment. The best part about it? I can read (almost) all the Japanese text and understand it with out looking at the footnotes (most of the time).  Besides that, this book is about a girl named Ruth finding a Hello Kitty lunch box on the beach and tucked away inside it is the diary of a girl named Nao.  She hides her words in a old Marcel Proust book which could not be more fitting for her story. I now want to get a hold of the seven volume book of Proust's and read all of it. If only I had the time! 
Anyways I am really enjoying this book and I highly recommend it to everyone.