Monday, May 18, 2015

Cat Face Mug

I am just smitten over my new cat face mug. I got it at World Market for only $7! I think this has been the best thing I have actually bought in a long time. I am also currently reading Siddhartha but I have seem to misplaced the book somewhere?! I was just reading it yesterday and I thought it was on my desk. I am guessing it may have fallen down behind something...
 In these next two weeks of freedom from school, I am planning on reading at least two books, get my passport, maybe get my leather jacket dry cleaned and shoes repaired. I also am hoping to clean out the house of unwanted junk and have less clutter all around. I just have to convince my mom to let go of somethings. (Yes, I still live with my mother and my parents are divorced.) I would also like to get a roll of film shot and processed along with doing a youtube video. I know I haven't uploaded anything in a long time and I am just sure most of you are tired of reading long texts and seeing just iPhone photos by now. I honestly miss going out and taking photos. I just have to find both the time and the money for photography now since school has taken over my life. I am not going to lie though, having a high GPA in college feels very rewarding. I would like to think all my studying and sacrificing most of my hobbies will (hopefully) pay off one day.  I know this long list of things I want to do this week may not even get close to done. I may just end up sleeping and laying around my computer trying to make a quick buck on my online chat job. At least I will try!