Tuesday, April 14, 2015


I have been enjoying reading a poems out of this book. I only have time to read one or two in-between classes. This semester is now coming to a end. Thanks goodness! I also finally got registered for summer classes and will be again changing my major. This time from English to International Studies.  I figured that would be best since I trying my hardest to learn Japanese. I still don't know where I will be transferring out to from community college. I will figure that out maybe within the next year or so when it is actually time for me to transfer. 
Everything always seems to hit me at once when it comes to finances, doctor appointments and everything else. Paying back the money for that dropped class killed me financially. I now know I can no longer afford to drop. The stress is really on with all of this plus upcoming finals. I think everything will work out for the best. My history test is tomorrow and I will be cramming for it all night long. 
I have noticed now my new favorite sweater is filled with coffee stains. Mostly from drinking way too much and the fact that my car does not have a cup holder. What is sad is I just got that sweater a couple of weeks ago. Oh well. I am a messy person. I guess every college kid just needs a giant coffee stained sweater. 
I have also really been into yoga lately. No, I am not posting any work out photos or of me in poses. I am not graceful and you will just have to take my word for it that I am *trying* to get into shape and be more flexible. 
Also, I am really sorry if my typing doesn't seem to slow or is painfully jumpy. I cannot seem to critically think anymore. I can only think about how to properly use nai (ない) and node (ので) for Japanese along with what happened during the "Era of Good Feelings" to the Mexican-American war.