Sunday, December 14, 2014

Notes From The Other Night.

On Friday, I went to go see the band Mustard Plug. 
Here are my observations from that night. ( Photos may come later when I get them developed) 

The doors are supposed to be open but they are not. We have to wait in line. It sucked because I had to pee really bad. 

About 7:30pm
Doors finally open and I get to go the bathroom. One stall is being taken up by a girl in high heeled boots and fishnets. It makes the line that much longer. 

An hour later 
After half a beer I gotta go again. Same girl is in the same stall. Longer line.
Later we find out that the toilet in that stall will no longer flush. 

Sometime later in the night: 
One shitty local band plays. No one is there for them. Then finally Someone good. I end up going to the bathroom with a friend. 
The girl in the stall finally came out and was just standing there. While waiting on my friend to go, I hear " I like your breast" from across the bathroom. The girl goes " Thanks, you can touch them if you want".  They talk a little, laugh and touch each other. All in the bathroom. 

 Band Line up: 
Some shit local band 
another ( Or was there only one? I can not remember)
I forgot this solo guy's name but he is super funny and always opens at ska shows. 
PiƱata Protest 
Mustard Plug 
Voo Doo Glow Skulls ( I missed them because I was too tired  to stay but I heard Mustard Plug's Mr. Smily, so I was happy that night.)

There is tons of super young kids there. I feel so much older. I finally don't have x's on my hands and I still manage to feel very lame with all these hip people with mohawk and tons of patches from the bands they have seen on their denim vest and jackets. I look like a librarian in a stripe shirt, high waisted pants and a cardigan.  But then again, I just got done with my first shift at Barnes and Nobles.  I wonder how many have to get up and go to their shit minimum wage jobs in 4 hours.