Monday, December 1, 2014

Main Street

After class and taking a walk across campus to the near by art supply store, I came to find this adorable pizza place. I have walked and drove by it over 100 times now and never went in. Today, I was really hungry and school food just wasn't going to cut it. I walked into a warm and cozy little room with tons of people humming about. The food on the tables looked delicious and I could not wait to try it. I ordered a small personal pizza with pepperoni and mushroom. I found a small corner for my self to sit and observed everyone around me. There was older women and men followed by the younger college students with tons of pizza and pastas on their plates. How could I have passed this little nook up so many times? I waited for just a bit until my name was called by the waiter for my order. The "personal" pizza was not so small. I honestly didn't think I could finish it. But after each bite I ate more and more. It was just so good! I will have to come again to try the pasta!