Friday, December 5, 2014


I recently rediscovered my love for jewelry. I found the tooth at a shop in Austin and I laced the gold chain my grandmother gave me through it. The ring was at one point a antique spoon. I just bent it around my finger. I still have the top of the spoon which is very decorative and I intend to drill a small hole through it to make a charm. I also ended up ordering a set of earrings off of etsy for the nice price of $10. I bought a set of raw amethyst earring studs from a fellow class mate a few months back. I unfortunately lost one of them. When I get brave to take out my cartilage piercing, I will replace it with the single amethyst earring. 
I am also low on Polaroid film. So, I shot these with just my iPhone and the app vscocam.