Saturday, December 27, 2014

Bookseller Diaries 2

I now have too many unread books on my self to read. I really need to stop buying books right now and read all the ones I have. It is like a bad addiction though. I just see a interesting book and buy it. 
I hate hearing "oh you can just download that book to your tablet" now. 
I know I live in Texas when half of the people come in asking, "Who is that on that book cover?". "Oh she's is the one that ran for governor this election" I say. "Oh I didn't know that." " She must have been the democrat".  Also, I cannot even count how many Bill O'Reilly books have crossed my counter. I mean really?! It honestly pains me how much people love gimmicky books. 
People who buy diet books act really awkward in front of me. It might be because I am not even over 100lbs. Also, most diet books I think are gimmicky for the most part. . 
It is always much older (like 50-70 age range)  men who buy play boy and penthouse magazine. 
I have seen people buy over $100 worth of magazines alone. Which is good. I mean all those writers who write in them have to eat too. 
I want to say a big fuck you to ever one who told me "Thanks for working today" on Christmas Eve. Like I felt like crap, you could tell and I would have rather been at home with my family. 
My store manager keeps calling me "Annie". A customer told me I should really change my name to that since I don't look much like a "Emily". 
However, I really like how a professor at school once said how I have a "literary name".  So, I think I will keep my name as is. 
A strange customer came in wanting me to gift wrap items. I kinda panicked because I am terrible at gift wrapping. This is what he  said to that: " Well, I thought since you where feminine you would be good at that sort of thing" then he  proceeded to tell me that he was giving me another skill set since books where being phased out by tablets and e-readers.  He also tried to probe at my intelligence asking if I was in school or not. I couldn't look him in the eye because I so badly wanted to say "fuck off".