Saturday, August 30, 2014

Magenta: Hands


I am glad for the three day weekend after this first, and very stressful week of school. I spent a total of over $300 or so just on books. I had my first quiz in Japanese, which I passed with 100%. I am glad to relax but instead I need to shoot about 20-50 photos digitally for my photography 1 homework, read a story and write a journal log for comp. II and work my online job the rest of the time. Whats odd is how I feel so overwhelmed this first semester.  I know I haven't been in school for over two years but I didn't expect this. I feel anxious all the time now and cannot sit still. Even my hand in this photograph couldn't relax and kept tensing up. I feel like I have just so much to do all the time now. Hopefully things will get easier week by week. I know I am behind on so much here as well with updating and all. But please be patient I am adjusting to my new scheduled. I should get a vlog and blog post up more often soon..