Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Cyan: Legs

Why do I also photograph my legs? 
I am always drawn to them. They are the first thing I aim for when doing a self portrait. I honestly love my legs. I always feel bad for making them stay inside when they really want to venture the world. They carry to me place to place. They give me the strength to run.  I am always confident when photographing them. They don't make me feel nervous like my face does. I worry all the time when my face is photographed. Did I blink weird? Did I look pretty in this picture? Will others think I look pretty? Why I am so concerned about being pretty in the photo? That's not really what I am trying to say yet it gets to me. Maybe it is because I hardly ever just feel pretty. Maybe it's because I don't wear enough make up or its just low self esteem. But with my legs I never have to worry about that. To me, my legs look soft and feminine. It is a comfort zone I know. How many photographs can I really take of just my legs before it gets old?