Monday, August 18, 2014

7:30 am


I keep trying to tell myself to wake up earlier and earlier so I don't feel too drained next week when I start class. This morning though, I work up at about 7:30am with my boyfriend whose work schedule changed for this week. He recently got promoted at his job and is going through training.
Waking up early is hard to do when you do not have much to look forward to in the day. I spent my days this summer all the same. Waking up late, checking the mail, cleaning, photographing something, blog post, seeing my grandparents, than spending the weekend with my boyfriend. That usually is just going out somewhere like the movies and buying food for the week. I have seen every major movie this summer I think. I can't complain though. It's nice to be in a routine and it's about to change in one week with school. I will be getting up at about 6:00 am to make it to my first 8:00am class. I am excited and nervous all at the same time. I can barely afford my books and my laptop has started to like to shut down on me at times. The first weeks will be hard but I am looking to going back after taking 2 years off of school. 
 Besides waking up with nothing to look forward today, I took this shot after showering. My hair I fell like is finally getting longer. Which I love.
Happy Monday!