Monday, July 28, 2014

Projects This Week:

  1.  Buy some color film for nimslo camera (hi, I take film donations! ) 
  2. Get back to school stuff in order. (My classes are on M-Thr and my days will begin at 8:00am.  I have not woken up that early since.. umm high school.. maybe? ) 
  3. Mail things off I need to return/exchange send back. ( I had to exchange a dress I ordered from work that was too small. I can cross that off cause I did that today but I ordered the wrong portrait kit for my Polaroid land camera.  The guy was nice enough to do a exchange for the right one but the other was already shipped out so straight back to the mail box it will go! ) 
  4. Make lipstick out of crayons. ( I have seen soooooo many youtube videos on how to do this but the colors always look like crap because of what they mix it with. I will try to do this with my friend but make it more wearable.)
  5. Shibori dye? ( I have had indigo dye sitting on my shelf for so long. It is time to use it. But what to dye? )
  6. Work, work work, (Umm, uh ugh... Working online is kinda fun.. ) 
  7. Find some time to go visit the beach. ( I really want to go collect some shells and other beachy things.I have not been to the beach in like 2-3 years. I really just need to find some time before school to just go.) 
  8. Find some money to buy regular Polaroid sx70 film ( Hi, its me again, I take all kinds of film donations, Polaroid, expired, anything works.) 
  9. Scan all that 120mm film from Colorado. ( I know, I know, that was months ago. But I cannot scan this stuff myself. Maybe just one day, I will take it in to get it scanned.) 
  10. Sell items. ( I really need to get rid of things in my closet. Shop my etsy? ) 
  11. Mount the TV on the wall and put a bigger desk in my room. ( I really need to clear out some space.)
  12.  I can't think of this right now, but I know there is more....