Tuesday, May 20, 2014

This Weekend

After all that jazz with graduation and 6th street, I finally made it to Colorado. Here are a few photos from the day we left and on the way up. 

Untitled   Untitled
I did not get a lot of landscape photos on the way up to Colorado plus I missed the "Welcome to Colorado" sign. Actually , I did not but my dad did not want to make any more stops since we where so close the the Springs. I did kinda get the Texas sign and New Mexico so I guess it kinda worked out. I also ended up taking two hotel bathroom self portraits. The on top was from Austin and the one below that was a hotel in Amarillo.
This week is also Polaroid week! YAY! I pan on shooting the rest of my film here in Colorado through out the week. I also brought along my Mamiya C3 and lomokino. So, there should be some videos and things coming up this week as well! The only thing is that I maybe taking my computer in for repair or just getting another one so I may not update for a day or two depending if and when I take it in. Anyways, I hope everyone is enjoying the week so far!
ps. I am also using a different scanner. I may start cutting out the frames later on this week since they do not seem to be scanning right. Please ignore the weird frames :)