Monday, May 5, 2014

Awkward Pose


I currently do not have a self timer for my Polaroid 250 or even a cable release so it resluted in this pretty awkward position but I guess it fits since I am pretty awkward myself. 
Today, in the mail I got my new Sailor Moon pajamas and that was what I was *trying* to get a picture of it really didn't work out but I kinda like it? I really don't know. Anyways, I feel kinda off today and really am not in the mood to sit here stare at the photograph to figure out if it is any good or not. It is just what it is.  I did actually find a "working" Polaroid self timer for $12.99 on ebay yesterday. I went ahead and ordered it since the guy said it was in working order. It will make taking a photo of myself a lot easier. I also am in the market for a new tripod. My mom's from the 80's finally broke on me! The one I found was in a semi decent (but far) price range of $100 and up. Ah well time to start saving up for it!  I hope everyone is having a good week so far even though it is only Monday!