Sunday, April 13, 2014

Cyan Part 1

Recently, the Impossible Project release cyanograph film which is exactly what it sounds like cyan film! I was pretty excited about this but missed the first batch of it for sx70. So, I ended up with two packs of the 600 type film and shot these all on a Polaroid One Step Flash camera. 

As you can tell this film is really low in contrast. I actually prefer higher contrast films than this but I just love the color so much I am gonna get over the low contrast. The one problem I do also have is that with the Polaroid camera I used, the flash always goes off! I really hope they make this again for sx70 cameras so I can use all those cool filters I have on it. Maybe next time! I also have not even shot the full 8 exposures yet so a part 2 may come up! Until than, Happy Sunday!