Sunday, March 23, 2014

Cold Light

It is Sunday, both the beginning and ending of the week. Sundays always bum me out. There is no mail delivered, it means the weekend is over and it means back to work all week until Friday. 

My job has me just overworked and under paid. Yeah, so I sit at my computer all day and talk to people but it is not always pleasant. I deal with obnoxious trolls, angry moms because their precious daughter didn't get something, or really just annoying stupid people who complain about the models being "naked" or it is "porn". I am sorry but the people who think AA is porn obviously never watched any. Honestly, who really even cares they are half naked anyways?! It is just a human body! We all have one. Plus, I am pretty sure you are not out there rioting at Victoria's Secret for their over edited rendition of beauty either. Instead you are paying $10 for their .22 panties.  One other thing that has got me on edge is after doing some research about the clothing industries and outsourced labor. I found out that is cost about $13-$20 or more depending on the item to make something in the USA. The cost of labor is about $7.25. In other countries it cost about $3.75 or less depending on the item to make clothing with a labor pay of .22 cents! Yes .22 cents! Now think about it this way I get paid either .70 to .88 on a 1099 contract form for my job. Take away taxes and I am at about .22 cents as well.  Hmm.. fair pay AA? I think not.

Anyways, I am done with my rant. But I am tried of getting paid hardly anything to do my job. I have to take about 400 chats to make $200 with after taxes is about $180 or so. I am just burned out. I know really I am lucky that I have the chance to work at home and to be able to still do the things I love even if I feel as though I am working all the time 24/7. In fact I probably should be happy that I am not doing hard labor for my pay like they do in China or Bangladesh. I really wish that so many places would not out source like that but I also know not many people in the USA are not willing to work in a factory and sew for $7.25 a hour. I actually would rather sew though than deal with customers to be honest.  I find sewing to be very relaxing when I am doing it at home. I just find that customers are more mentally draining .  I am just exhausted all the time for no reason.  It is pretty much to the point where it makes me so unmotivated to do anything! I forget to update or forget to do all the things I really want to do.  Just people frustrate me so much and just get to me even if they are just over the internet.  My only happy times are on Fridays when my bf is off of work as well. Than we can spend the day together doing the things we like to do. It is pretty much all I look forward to all week long. I am really really lucky to have that though and I know it.