Sunday, February 16, 2014

Rose Study

I recently got a hold of some px70 b&w film from the Impossible Project. I have never used the "silver shade" before. The first shot I took was extremely over exposed so I started to play around with my filter set and here is what I got. 

1. Close up filter: I shot this indoors and still found the film to overexpose! I am not a big fan of lower contrast on black and white. I actually like the opposite. I really advise to underexpose this film if you do not have any other filters other than a close up or you just do not currently have any so far.

2. Yellow Filter:When shooting b&w for now on I will be carrying this with me. The yellow filter gave the photo a nice even contrast. 

3. Blue Filter: This filter on the film gave it more contrast which I love! High contrast b&w can be so pretty I think. I really love the idea of doing silhouettes of object with the combination of this film and filter. 

4. ND Filter: I think this filter gave the photo a nice "evenness" of contrast I guess you can say.  I would be carrying around this filter as well as the yellow on when shooting black and white for now on. 

Overall, I  really like this instant black and white film.  I do think it works better with filters than shooting with out! What do you think? Has anyone shot with this film yet? 

Note: The filter set is from Mint SX70. I really recommend buying this set if you shoot a lot of sx70 film. Also this is not a sponsored post. All film and equipment was purchased with my own money.